Features Support

The following guide provides an overview of Elide features and links to their respective documentation.

Common API Features

  • Rich Filter Support - Support for complex filter predicates including conjunction (logical and), disjunction (logical OR) and parenthetic expressions for both GraphQL and JSON-API. Support for filtering models on fields nested in other models (relationship traversal) or attribute object hierarchies (complex attribute types).
  • Collection Sorting - Sort collections by one or more fields in the current or related models in GraphQL and JSON-API.
  • Pagination - Support to paginate collections and request the total number of pages or records in GraphQL and JSON-API.
  • Type Coercion - Support to type coerce fields between the API representation and the model representation. Register your own custom data type serializers/deserializers.
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous API - Elide supports both synchronous and asynchronous APIs for short and long running queries.

Data Modeling Features

  • Lifecycle Hooks - Register custom functions & business logic that get invoked whenever your data model is read or manipulated.
  • Security - Assign permission rules to fields and entities in your data model using a custom security DSL. Bind rules to in-memory functions or security filters that are pushed to the persistence layer.
  • Computed Attributes & Relationships - Define custom fields and relationships that are computed at query time.
  • API Versioning - Version your models to support schema evolution without breaking your client contracts.
  • Composite Identifiers - Support both simple and complex model identifiers including compound types.

JSON-API Features

  • Swagger - Elide can automatically generate Swagger documentation for Elide APIS for schema introspection.
  • Test DSL - Elide includes a test DSL that works with Rest Assured for writing readable integration tests.

GraphQL Features

  • GraphQL Schemas - The GraphQL specification includes type introspection that integrates with tools like Graphiql.
  • Subscription Suport - Elide supports model driven subscriptions backed by any JMS message broker that can be consumed over websockets.
  • Test DSL - Elide includes a test DSL that works with Rest Assured for writing readable integration tests.

Persistence Features

  • JPA Store - The JPA store persists Elide models decorated with JPA annotations.
  • In-Memory Store - The in-memory store persists Elide models locally in the server’s memory.
  • Search Store - The search store provides full text search on annotated fields in Elide models. It works in conjunction with the JPA store.
  • Multiple Stores - Elide services can be configured with multiple data stores - each managing a different set of models.
  • Custom Stores - Elide can be extended to talk to web services or other persistence layers by writing custom stores.
  • Server Side Filtering, Sorting, & Pagination - For custom stores that cannot filter, sort, or paginate natively, Elide can optionally perform these functions on the server.

Analytic Features

  • Analytic Query Support - Elide’s aggregation store exposes read-only models that support data analytic queries. Model attributes represent either metrics (for aggregating, filtering, and sorting) and dimensions (for grouping, filtering, and sorting).
  • Yavin Integration - Elide integrates with yavin - a companion UI framework for visualizing data, building dashboards, and scheduling reports.
  • Virtual Semantic Layer - Analytic models are configured with a semantic modeling language that allows non-developers the ability to define metrics and dimensions by writing templated native SQL fragments. The fragments are assembled into complete SQL statements at query time.
  • Caching - The aggregation store includes a customizable cache. The cache supports time and version based strategies for expunging stale data.
  • Async API - Elide includes an asynchronous API for long running queries on analytic models.
  • Data Export - Elide includes a data export API for streaming large query results in JSON or CSV formats.

Operability Features