Migration From Elide 6

Elide 6 documentation can be found here. Elide 5 documentation can be found here. Elide 4 documentation can be found here.

New Features in Elide 7.X

Elide 7 is a major dependency upgrade including the following key updates:

  • Elide now builds with Java 17
  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 3.X
  • Upgrade to Hibernate 6.X
  • Upgrade to Hibernate Search 6.X
  • Migrate from javax to jakarta
  • Upgrade to Jetty 11.X
  • Upgrade to Jersey 3.1.X
  • Upgrade to Swagger 2.X

To keep the migration simpler, no interface changes were made to Elide.

Spring Boot 3

Spring Boot 3 introduces a number of changes in both classes and configuration, now builds with Java 17, and migrates to Hibernate 6. This guide provides details about how to migrate.


Hibernate 6 moves away from javax.persistence to jakarta.persistence among other changes. This guide provides details about how to migrate.

Hiberate Search 6 introduces an entirely new API including model annotations. This guide provides details about how to migrate.

Swagger 2 / OpenAPI 3

The migration to Swagger 2 to support OpenAPI 3 completely replaces the older annotations that were used for Swagger 1. For instance the @ApiModel and @ApiModelProperty annotations have both been replaced by @Schema. An overview of the changes in OpenAPI 3 can be found here.

Configuration Properties

With Elide 7 a few configuration properties were renamed.

Old New
elide.aggregation-store.enable-meta-data-store elide.aggregation-store.metadata-store.enabled
elide.aggregation-store.default-cache-expiration-minutes elide.aggregation-store.query-cache.expiration
elide.aggregation-store.query-cache-maximum-entries elide.aggregation-store.query-cache.max-size
elide.async.max-async-after-seconds elide.async.max-async-after
elide.async.cleanup-enabled elide.async.cleanup.enabled
elide.async.max-run-time-seconds elide.async.cleanup.query-max-run-time
elide.async.query-cleanup-days elide.async.cleanup.query-retention-duration
elide.async.query-cancellation-interval-seconds elide.async.cleanup.query-cancellation-check-interval
elide.dynamic-config elide.aggregation-store.dynamic-config
elide.dynamic-config.config-api-enabled elide.aggregation-store.dynamic-config.config-api.enabled
elide.export.extension-enabled elide.export.append-file-extension
elide.export.skipCSVHeader elide.export.format.csv.write-header
elide.graphql.enable-federation elide.graphql.federation.enabled
elide.jsonapi.enable-links elide.jsonapi.links.enabled
elide.subscription elide.graphql.subscription
elide.subscription.connection-timeout-ms elide.graphql.subscription.connection-timeout
elide.subscription.idle-timeout-ms elide.graphql.subscription.idle-timeout
elide.subscription.publish-enabled elide.graphql.subscription.publishing.enabled
elide.strip-authorizaton-headers elide.strip-authorization-headers

Converting Durations

The properties indicating a duration are now specified using java.time.Duration. For instance a configuration value of 7d indicates 7 days and 300s indicates 300 seconds.

The following are the supported units

  • ns for nanoseconds
  • us for microseconds
  • ms for milliseconds
  • s for seconds
  • m for minutes
  • h for hours
  • d for days