Stand up {json:api} & GraphQL web services backed by JPA annotated models in 4 simple steps

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Elide is a Java library that enables you to stand up a JSON API or GraphQL web service with minimal effort starting from a JPA annotated data model.

How to use it

1. Define a model

Define a JPA annotated model including relationships to other models using Java, Kotlin, Groovy, and other JVM languages.

Editor: Model

2. Secure It

Control access to fields and entities through a declarative, intuitive permission syntax.

Editor: Security

3. Expose It

Make instances of your new model accessible through a top level collection or restrict access only through relationships to other models

Editor: Expose

4. Deploy & Query

And thats it, you are ready to deploy and query your data with JSON or GraphQL requests.


Wanna learn more?

Or see our features below

Features: Production Quality

Production Quality

Quickly build and deploy production quality web services that expose your data as a service.

Features: Production Quality
Features: Security Comes Standard

Security Comes Standard

Controlling access to your data is as simple as defining your rules and annotating your models.

Features: Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

JSON-API & GraphQL lets developers fetch entire object graphs in a single round trip. Only requested elements of the data model are returned.

Features: Mobile Friendly
Features: Single Atomic Request

Single Atomic Request

Elide supports multiple data model mutations in a single request in either JSON-API or GraphQL. Create objects, add them to relationships, modify or delete together in a single atomic request.

Features: Elide is Agnostic

Elide is Agnostic

Elide is agnostic to your particular persistence strategy. Use an ORM or provide your own implementation of a data store.

Features: Elide is Agnostic
Features: Open API

Open API

Explore, understand, and compose queries against your Elide API through generated Swagger documentation or GraphQL schema.

Features: Customize


Customize the behavior of data model operations with computed attributes, data validation annotations, and request lifecycle hooks.

Features: Customize
Features: Open Source

Open Source

Elide is 100% open source and available on Github. Released under the commercial-friendly Apache License, Version 2.0.

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