Elide supports:

  1. Paginating a collection by row offset and limit.
  2. Paginating a collection by page size and number of pages.
  3. Returning the total size of a collection visible to the given user.
  4. Returning a meta block in the JSON-API response body containing metadata about the collection.
  5. A simple way to control:
    • the availability of metadata
    • the number of records that can be paginated


Elide allows pagination of the primary collection being returned in the response via the page query parameter.

The rough BNF syntax for the page query parameter is:

<QUERY> ::= 
     "page" "[" "size" "]" "=" <INTEGER>
   | "page" "[" "number" "]" "=" <INTEGER>
   | "page" "[" "limit" "]" "=" <INTEGER>
   | "page" "[" "offset" "]" "=" <INTEGER>
   | "page" "[" "totals" "]"

Legal combinations of the page query params include:

  1. size
  2. number
  3. size & number
  4. size & number & totals
  5. offset
  6. limit
  7. offset & limit
  8. offset & limit & totals


Return page 3 of size 100 of the book collection:


Return 100 records from the book collection starting at record 1200:


Return the size of the book collection:


Return page 3 of size 100 of the book collection and return the size of the book collection:


Meta Block

Whenever a page query parameter is specified, Elide will return a meta block in the JSON-API response that contains:

  1. The page number
  2. The page size or limit
  3. The total number of pages (totalPages) in the collection
  4. The total number of records (totalRecords) in the collection.

The values for totalPages and totalRecords are only returned if the page[totals] parameter was specified in the query.

"meta": {
  "page": {

Paginate Annotation

Any entity can be annotated with the Paginate annotation which can control:

  1. Whether or not page totals can be requested for collections of the entity’s type.
  2. The maximum number of records that can ever be returned in a single response.
  3. The default number of records that should be returned when no page limit or size is provided.
    @Paginate(countable = true, maxLimit = 100000, defaultLimit = 10)
    class Book { ... }

Default Limits

When no Paginate annotation is provided, Elide by default sets the maximum number of allowed records to 10000 and the default number of records to 500.

When Collections Cannot Be Paginated

Some security checks are evaluated in memory on the server - checks which cannot be pushed to the data store and that depend on the value of data being returned.

Whenever Elide must prune a collection based on such checks, it rejects requests to paginate the collection by returning a 400 error to the client.