Stand up {json:api} web services backed by
JPA annotated models in less than 15 minutes

Get Started

Quickly build and deploy production quality web services that expose your data as a service.

Elide is a Java library that enables you to stand up a JSON API web service with minimal effort starting from a JPA annotated data model.

JPA enables you to use an ORM or, if you prefer, any persistence technology that support JPA—Elide is agnostic to your particular persistence strategy.

Explore, understand, and compose queries against your Elide API through generated Swagger documentation.

Security comes standard. Controlling access to your data is as simple as defining your rules and annotating your models.

Elide supports the JSON API Patch extension which enables multiple create, edit, and delete operations in a single atomic request.

Elide is 100% open source and available on github. Released under the commercial-friendly Apache License, Version 2.0.

Mobile Friendly. JSON API lets developers fetch entire object graphs in a single round trip. With sparse fields, only the requested elements of the data model are returned.

In this 13 minute tutorial, we demonstrate how to stand up Elide using Dropwizard.

We build a JSON API web service that exposes two models: User and Post.

We also demonstrate how to create, list and delete posts using Postman.